Monday, January 26, 2009

Birthday Dinner, Weekend and No School for D!

Well, Thursday night we went to Fort Smith for dinner with my family at the country club for Grant's 21st birthday! (my brother) It was fun. My parents, Grant and his girlfriend Sara met us there. Then after a long dinner and catching up we went back to my parents house for cake (which was sooo yummy) and presents. It's hard to believe that Grant is 21. Well, it only makes sence, the older I get, the older he gets. Sad how quick time goes by.

Friday was a busy day at work and then basketball games at Shiloh that night. The varsity girls team is very good, but the guys are having a little trouble getting it together each game. They did play REALLY well even though, we lost by 1 point at the very end of the fourth quarter. Too many fouls, isnt that always the case though?

Saturday I worked the morning in Fayetteville and then that the afternoon I had to go back down to Fort Smith for a few cuts and about 4 girls that have been my clients forever. They are all in high school and it was the "homecoming dance." It was fun to watch how big of a deal it all was to them. Not too long ago, I was doing the same thing. Once again, time flies by. That evening when I got home D and I went and had a nice dinner date at Blu-fin (sushi) and then did a little shopping.

Sunday we went to church, taught our class of 2 year olds, which can I just say is always fun. THen had lunch with his family at Applebee's and the food was horrible!! Yes, I usually exaggerate on things being "sooo bad", but ya'll it was disgusting. Then I had to go to Wal-mart and D decided he'd join me, eventhough I complained and told him he didnt really have a choice. He's a pretty good trooper when it comes to all that, but he just doesn't organize it in the cart or put it on the checkout deal, like I would like him to. I know, I am anal! And for dinner, we ate at the Barnard's, the ones that just had baby TAte. Mckale has a few stores in Fort Smith and loves this restaurant there and they have food that they make that is gourmet and she LOVES their enchiadas. So, Thursday when I was in Fort Smith, I picked up some and she said they didnt want dinner brought to them unless we were going to stay and join them. That wasnt my plan, but it was nice to completely relax and love on yet, another baby. All my friends and cousins are having boys this year. Except one of my cousin's who had a girl the beginning of this month. We still have 3 friends that are due in March. Lots and lots of babies! So, all in all we had a busy but great weekend. Now we are all hunkered(not sure if that is even a word) down at home and hanging out. I didnt work in Fort SMith today because of weather, but I will on Thursday. I just didnt wanna be stuck down there without D. Especially when he is out of school tomorrow! Yippee, finally a "nothingness" day! Hope everyone had a great weekend and stay warm in all this yucky ice.
P.S. Sorry for no pictures, I am not at all as organized on here as I am at WAl-Mart, ha!

Until next time...

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