Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pregnant & IT'S A BOY!

SO, in June of last year, we decided to being the process of trying to have a baby. I got off birth control, thinking it would probably take atleast a year or so due to me being like clock work all the time and month after month it was so hard and disappointing when it didnt' happen. Finally, I learned to give up and let God work his miracles and Oh did He! We got pregnant in the beginning of January sometime and were shocked! So exciting and I am such a planner that all of the sudden when the test said "PREGNANT", I stood there and looked at Dawayne and said, "I dont want to do this now, I can't!." Well, I can apparently.

The first 4 1/2 months were terrible. Hated being pregnant, never wanted to do this again and was already making "plans" on this being the only child. HA! I'm sure you some of you know how that goes. I was so extremely sick every single morning and to get through the day, I had to take that nausea pill called Zofran. It was my life saver for sure. Couldn't do without it for any length of time until the last 3 weeks. Thank you Lord for making me not so sick anymore. But to be honest, I would do it all over again and even if it was worse I would do it 3 times more. (not really, we only want 2 kids! ha)

I still haven't hardly gained any weight due to me being so sick in the beginning and for so long into this it has actually helped me feel better about all this weight coming on in my stomach. It's slowly starting to protrude...But, I am definetly ready to see a change...The bigger the baby gets the bigger I'll continue to get.

So, Monday, May 10, we went to find out the sex of the baby. I was so sure it was a girl since the very beginning of my pregnancy. I mean the minute I took the test, I just knew it was a girl. I think the reason I thought that was because ever since we got married, I always said I want a boy first because I am not a "prissy, foo-foo" type girl, well I mean I am but not to the extreme like some people. So, I thought it would be an easier process for us to have a boy first..Well the minute the ultra-sound tech put the thing on my stomach HE immediately showed that HE was a BOY! I think he was so tired of us saying he's a girl in there. HA
Dawayne was thrilled immediately, and I was so excited and couldn't stop wondering what we were going to name him. (control freak and planner, I know I know!)
So here we are, the middle of May, we are having a boy and joining 2 more coaches families that are going to be welcoming their 3rd boys here in the next 2-3 months...I'm due Ocotober 1, but I say September 30, because it makes me feel so much better and makes me think it's so much sooner also.

So The BIG NEWS IS OUT.... (If you have any name suggestions, let me know... I love short, one syllable names..Lots of things go with Hudson too) All for now...

Too Long!

Well, where do I even begin? I thought I'd love to blog and I really tried for a little bit to be good and atleast post every once in a while. And as we all see, that didn't go over too well. There's so much that has gone on since February 2009, which is the last time I blogged. I always felt like it wasn't anything important due to not having kids yet. But I guess things change all in the right timing. God is good!

I'll start with last spring, after being in Springdale around a year and half we decided we might try to buy a house. As it turned out, we were able to find a house that was just in the beginning stages of being framed and we bought it from there and finished it out. YOu know how you always hear that old saying, "If you can stay married after building/finishing out a house, you'll make it through anything," well we did. It was tons of fun. I would do it all over again and I think Dawayne would too. So, we moved in the 1st of June and have loved decorating and furnishing it since.
Then we started football season again (story of my life, but would never change it for anything) and had a pretty great season again. I love to watch my husband work. He is so amazing and smart when it comes to all that. I never thought he'd be able to be as "prepared, organized or obsessive compulsive" at anything like I am but, surprise surprise he is when it comes to football. Those kids love him and look up to him and it's precious. So proud to say he's my husband. So in December we went to Little Rock again for the State Championship game and won 4A State Championship for the 2nd year in a row. How fun that was!! All kinds of other EXCITING things have gone on since then but they need their own post for sure!!
all for now....