Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What a month...

What a busy month it has been. Wow!
Well, obviously I haven't "blogged" in a while, so here we go. I think I will just update about what we have been up to in the last few weeks.

Dawayne hasn't stopped with football since we moved here in March. Literally. Shiloh has been amazing and he loves being back to his ol' almamater. (or however you spell that dumb word). His highschool boys have won every game in conference and we only hae 2 more games at home left for the conference season. Friday nights are fun around here. The craziness is all week for him and let me tell you the laundry isn't exactly that exciting. It never ends. I mean, really? Do we only have the two of us living here or are the other three bedrooms being rented out with laundry service thrown in and I dont know about it? So, Monday's are junior varsity and usually another junior high game. Tuesday's he doesn't get home until about 6:30, on a good night. Wednesday's, same thing. Thursday's are 9th grade games and sometimes 8th grade and maybe 7th grade if they didnt play on Monday. Friday is the best. Saturday he works in the a.m. Sunday's are church, lunch, football til about 6, then home and bed. Wow, now that I type all that out instead of just "saying" it to myself, no wonder there are piles of "fabulous laundry" laying around my laundry room. (Boo! I hate laundry just f.y.i.)

Now, with me I just try to keep up with laundry is what I should probably only type for myself and what I have been up to. No, seriously I have been really busy working on Monday's in Fort Smith and then getting more and more clientle (or however you spell that dumb word too) in Fayetteville. Everyone is wanting to make appointments for "holiday hair-do's" already. It's crazy to me to even try to make myself think about anything coming up already other than Halloween. Which by the way isn't my favorite. Don't mind the cute kiddos in cute costumes wanting candy. But the nasty scarey ewwie-gooie yucky costumes, are just obsurd. So, I guess that explains how I feel to a "T."

Lots of football, winning and working going on around here. Oh, dont let me forget the laundry since now that I have read back over what I typed, I definetly can't forget the laundry. Anyway, I have some pics of fall decorating and other things we have been doing that I will get posted this week. Or maybe I should just say I'll try. Not like I have much to blog about right now anyway. Until next time...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well, D turned 28 Sunday. We had family meet for a "special" dinner on Saturday night at Ruth's Chris. It was so relaxing and we definetly enjoyed the company. We usually go out on the weekends but not usually a place like this. It was great food and a nice, quiet atmosphere. After dinner I had planned on the rest of our family (his side) to meet us at my house, that I had his mom come and decorate for me and put the cake out that I got from Rick's and the tons of balloons, for cake and presents. I didnt want to make him think it was going to be all of our friends and family, but the last few years we have been so busy with football and moving and getting married, that we haven't really been able to "do" much for his bday. So, he had no idea what to think or expect so it was fun without him knowing anything. Here are some pics from Saturday night.

D's birthday cake (FABULOUS!)

Cheesey "birthday sign" thingy and gifts

(I had to make it cheesey because he totally didnt expect it)So you can laugh


Well, after a busy day Saturday with Hogs game and dinner and party after, Sunday we did it all over again that evening. We had dinner and stuff and his mom's that night. I'll be fine without cake or big meals for awhile now.
Unitil next time...

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I have been TAGGED...

Thanks to Kate you all get to know 7 random facts about me...

1. I hate the dentist. I am deathly afraid. (thought of this one because of Kate's first fact)

2. Dawayne (my husband) & I only dated 10 months before we were engaged & got married 7 1/2 months later.

3. I am very anal about my laundry room. It is so bad that Dawayne hardly ever goes in there to find/start laundry. Kind of scarey he says.

4. I want a new car so incredibly bad & can afford one but, I am scared of a car payment because I have never made one in my life. (I know, weird)

5. I hate the color pink. (for my wardrobe)

6. I am scared of the dark. Like enough that if D isn't home I leave all the lights on even when I go to bed. (except in my room)

7. My favorite part of the "fall" season, is picking pumpkins & decorating. But, most of all, I can hardly wait for the fall season of nightly t.v. shows to come on. I have atleast 2 or 3 that I DVR every night. ADDICTED!

Ok...I tag: Sara, Kari Beth, Aimee & Tracy
(sorry still new to this and dont have many more to choose from that haven't been tagged already)