Tuesday, June 17, 2008

...Just the two of us!

Well, to start off Dawayne and I have ONLY been married for a year and going on four months. Married life is wonderful! Im pretty sure I have no idea what I would do without him. We stay pretty busy with his job and my crazy traveling schedule. We are currently living in Springdale, AR and "D" (thats what all of our family and close friends call him, or big "d") is coaching the defensive line at Shiloh Christian! GO SAINTS~ We love being here and it is so much closer to our family.

We recently moved into our new house back at the end of April and we absolutely love it. It has four bedrooms and I think we could have used something smaller since it is "just the two of us" but, I guess that means we will need to be filling up all the rooms pretty soon. Can you say nursery? .... Soon, oh very soon, we would like to start trying to have a family. I want twins so I can get it all over with in one big bang, but D wants one to start off with. "We are too busy as it is," he says. (...Stay tuned) ha!

I have just started at the new salon I will be working at, actually just this week. I am currently working in Fort Smith (my hometown) one day a week because my clients can't live without me. Oh, actually I think it's me who can't live without them. But, I will also be working at GLAMOROUS SALON, in Fayetteville, during the rest of the week. I think I will definetly enjoy being there and picking up new clients. Come and see me!!

Dawayne and I also decided to make First Baptist Church our new home church. We absolutely love being there and we are trying to get connected in every way possible. So, we are continually praying that God shows us where He wants us to be involved there. OH, but we love it!

Seeing that this is my first blog session, I want to use this as a way to stay connected but yet meet new friends and couples here or anywhere! Maybe it will help continue to build my business, also.

Until next time...