Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer Football & Life's Lessons

Wow, this weekend was hot and tiring. I really give all the coaches props for being out there almost all day long for two days and having to keep up with all those guys and those schedules. And speaking of major props, my friend Kate, she has 2 boys who are adorable and I love them like their my own and honestly probably try to take charge more than I should, but I really give her major props, probably even more than the coaches because she was out there with both boys, both days and I was with her both times and oh my gosh! She is so busy with them. I was worn out and can't even imagine how she does it! Same goes for another friend Laci. My prayer is that they get rest and know what a blessing they are to me because they teach me so much whether they know it or not and for myself I pray that the Lord gives me strength like He has given those mothers, and most of all patience for when we have a child or two because I thought it was a lot easier and watching them its not!

Well, this weekend was busy and now its back to the traveling schedule on monday for me and D has football all week. Sometimes I wish our life was more interesting so I could be as addicted to my own blog as I am reading others. Is anyone else that way? Sorry that I only blog like once in a blue moon and it's never that great. But, thats all for now.

Until next time...