Friday, December 5, 2008

December, really?

Well, there is quite a bit to blog about this month. Well there was a lot to blog about in November. Lets start out with a week that was hellacious. Ok, on a Wednesday afternoon I got done at work early and decided to come home and make a nice dinner and catch up on laundry before D got home. Well, I was definetly staying on track until I kicked the bottome edge of our loveseat and broke my toe. Yes, literally broke it. The ugliest thing I have ever seen. Pretty sure I screamed and cried like I was going to die. My loveseat kinda backs up to the 'path' where we break up the kitchen and living room and there are 3 big windowns on that wall and I was laying in the floor screaming and crying and my poor dog was outside doing the same looking in at me. Hilarious, I guess you could say, well after the fact. I had to crawl to the chair and wait til D got home so he could get me some ice. I have never broken a toe and let me tell you, YOu have no idea how much you use it. Anyway, the day after that I had gotten my shears sharpened and hadnt really used them yet that day, and I was busy that morning and during a haircut, cut the top of my middle finger off on my left hand. Gross~ let me just say that it wouldnt stop bleeding for like 25 minutes and just to let you know the client who was in my chair was a nurse and she said I probably needed stitches, but they dont stitch knuckles nor do they do anything for your broken toe! GREAT, what a week. See I told you.
Then after that week was almost over, I was "Late." (I am writing this for my friends so if you dont know me you dont have to read this) I totally started freaking out because I am never usually late, if at all like maybe one day. So, I waited a week and still nothing. D and I decided to wait a few more days and if I didnt by then, we would know what was up! UGh, I finally did. And honestly it was the first time that I kind of realized I am more ready for kids than I thought I was. And same for D too. There was a little disappointment from both of us when it was official that we weren't pregnant. Wow, didnt think I'd ever wanna be this soon after being married. Don't really think I am ready, but you know how that goes I am sure for those of you who have tried and tried. Or, for those of you who haven't been trying and get surprised. Thats what I thought was about to happen to us. I think we will try to wait until spring and see and if we aren't ready one more year. Well, Thanksgiing was after all that mess. It was great! SHILOH had won all their playoff games as of tonight and since they had won 2 weeks ago that meant we had to stay in town for D to practice that morning of Thanksgiving day. So, after that we loaded up and went down to Fort Smith to my grandparents to have a day of eating. Wow, it was good and totally relaxing. Then we had to come back because I was going to go shopping with my friend, Blaire. We didnt really find any fabulous deals, but we attempted to get some Christmas shopping done and that was a flop because we both ended up buying more for just what we wanted/needed. We might have gotten one or 2 gifts in there somewhere.

ON to football...
SHIOH SAINTS have won all of their playoff games and now we go to Little Rock next Thursday to prepare for the state game on Saturday the 13th. My birthday is friday so I think I will do some shoppng while I am there and eat somewhere different for a change of pace. Some other wives will be there so that will be fun to do lunch together. Maybe I can get some CHristmas shopping done without D knowing what I am getting him since he will definetly be in the "zone." That happens all the time, ha. Well, say a little prayer for our team, we had a few injuries tonight against Osceola and we NEED those boys for next week. Hope everyone has had a great month and enjoyed Thanksgiving as much as we did. Can't wait for Christmas! (yea, right I totally can because I am so behing on everything)!
Have a FABULOUS saturday & go SAINTS go!
Until next time...(which will probably be after the new year, ha!)