Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Patience is waiting with joy"

...That is the bible verse we are teaching 3 year olds at FBC every other Sunday this semester. Wow, is it true. I really love little kids and these are hilarious. Especially ones that we know personally. Dawayne and I are using this as a lesson and actually praying for patience. We decided to do this because we love little kids and we hadn't found our "place" in a connection group when we said yes to doing this every other sunday. Actually as Dawayne would say "When my wife chose we would do this," oh well, I love it and he does too whether he admits it or not. I am sure we will have more little stories as the fall goes on since we just started last week.

What else has been going on? Let me think....just FOOTBALL. All the time! I love it though, just help me pray that I can get used to my husband being gone again all the time. It is hard ladies, so those of you who are thinking of marrying a coach, get ready! It is totally worth the not seeing them during the fall thing because I love to watch Dawayne do what he loves to do. Someone once told me, that has been married to a coach for 20 or more years, "run for your life," ha, thanks for the advice! I may need it one day down the road. I dont really ever have much to add to my blogs due to not having kids and being busy with work for the two of us. So, just be patient. I will have lots of pictures when football gets up and going in the next week or two. Until next time...(which is usually a while, ha!)