Friday, December 5, 2008

December, really?

Well, there is quite a bit to blog about this month. Well there was a lot to blog about in November. Lets start out with a week that was hellacious. Ok, on a Wednesday afternoon I got done at work early and decided to come home and make a nice dinner and catch up on laundry before D got home. Well, I was definetly staying on track until I kicked the bottome edge of our loveseat and broke my toe. Yes, literally broke it. The ugliest thing I have ever seen. Pretty sure I screamed and cried like I was going to die. My loveseat kinda backs up to the 'path' where we break up the kitchen and living room and there are 3 big windowns on that wall and I was laying in the floor screaming and crying and my poor dog was outside doing the same looking in at me. Hilarious, I guess you could say, well after the fact. I had to crawl to the chair and wait til D got home so he could get me some ice. I have never broken a toe and let me tell you, YOu have no idea how much you use it. Anyway, the day after that I had gotten my shears sharpened and hadnt really used them yet that day, and I was busy that morning and during a haircut, cut the top of my middle finger off on my left hand. Gross~ let me just say that it wouldnt stop bleeding for like 25 minutes and just to let you know the client who was in my chair was a nurse and she said I probably needed stitches, but they dont stitch knuckles nor do they do anything for your broken toe! GREAT, what a week. See I told you.
Then after that week was almost over, I was "Late." (I am writing this for my friends so if you dont know me you dont have to read this) I totally started freaking out because I am never usually late, if at all like maybe one day. So, I waited a week and still nothing. D and I decided to wait a few more days and if I didnt by then, we would know what was up! UGh, I finally did. And honestly it was the first time that I kind of realized I am more ready for kids than I thought I was. And same for D too. There was a little disappointment from both of us when it was official that we weren't pregnant. Wow, didnt think I'd ever wanna be this soon after being married. Don't really think I am ready, but you know how that goes I am sure for those of you who have tried and tried. Or, for those of you who haven't been trying and get surprised. Thats what I thought was about to happen to us. I think we will try to wait until spring and see and if we aren't ready one more year. Well, Thanksgiing was after all that mess. It was great! SHILOH had won all their playoff games as of tonight and since they had won 2 weeks ago that meant we had to stay in town for D to practice that morning of Thanksgiving day. So, after that we loaded up and went down to Fort Smith to my grandparents to have a day of eating. Wow, it was good and totally relaxing. Then we had to come back because I was going to go shopping with my friend, Blaire. We didnt really find any fabulous deals, but we attempted to get some Christmas shopping done and that was a flop because we both ended up buying more for just what we wanted/needed. We might have gotten one or 2 gifts in there somewhere.

ON to football...
SHIOH SAINTS have won all of their playoff games and now we go to Little Rock next Thursday to prepare for the state game on Saturday the 13th. My birthday is friday so I think I will do some shoppng while I am there and eat somewhere different for a change of pace. Some other wives will be there so that will be fun to do lunch together. Maybe I can get some CHristmas shopping done without D knowing what I am getting him since he will definetly be in the "zone." That happens all the time, ha. Well, say a little prayer for our team, we had a few injuries tonight against Osceola and we NEED those boys for next week. Hope everyone has had a great month and enjoyed Thanksgiving as much as we did. Can't wait for Christmas! (yea, right I totally can because I am so behing on everything)!
Have a FABULOUS saturday & go SAINTS go!
Until next time...(which will probably be after the new year, ha!)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tulsa Lost?

So, we decided we'd go and watch the Hogs loose against "Gus's team" (what I call it) Saturday. It was a lot of fun. Go Hogs go! D was alittle torn on who to cheer for, but he still has that razorback red blood running through him, no matter how those dumb hogs play. We tail-gated with some other coache's & wives and for the first time we only had one couple that didn't come. We have only tailgated with the Barnard's once or twice, but this time we all got to hang out and it was fun. Especially with the nice weather. After the game we kinda had a "date-night" and finally went to have a good, good dinner and had time to figure out what we want to do about my stupid car. So, that's another story in itself. But, then we went and shopped a little for D. Isn't that what I type almost every weekend? that we go "shop for D." I mean when can we "shop for me?" Oh, well wait, I just go buy what I want when I want. Well, to an extent. Anyway, we had fun at the game and I guess I should just sum it all up and say we had a great Saturday!

Sunday, was a busy day for D. Just working as usual and then I did laundry. Not even going to go there, due to the previous blog. So, the pics are of Saturday at the game. Love the wives and their fams! Great time and great new friends. Until next time...

Kate, Mckale, me & Laci
(yes, Mckale & Laci are both pregnant)

Ok. So about this pic. Yes, we know we look like twins, heard it before. And no it wasn't planned. We are pretty cute though, ha!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What a month...

What a busy month it has been. Wow!
Well, obviously I haven't "blogged" in a while, so here we go. I think I will just update about what we have been up to in the last few weeks.

Dawayne hasn't stopped with football since we moved here in March. Literally. Shiloh has been amazing and he loves being back to his ol' almamater. (or however you spell that dumb word). His highschool boys have won every game in conference and we only hae 2 more games at home left for the conference season. Friday nights are fun around here. The craziness is all week for him and let me tell you the laundry isn't exactly that exciting. It never ends. I mean, really? Do we only have the two of us living here or are the other three bedrooms being rented out with laundry service thrown in and I dont know about it? So, Monday's are junior varsity and usually another junior high game. Tuesday's he doesn't get home until about 6:30, on a good night. Wednesday's, same thing. Thursday's are 9th grade games and sometimes 8th grade and maybe 7th grade if they didnt play on Monday. Friday is the best. Saturday he works in the a.m. Sunday's are church, lunch, football til about 6, then home and bed. Wow, now that I type all that out instead of just "saying" it to myself, no wonder there are piles of "fabulous laundry" laying around my laundry room. (Boo! I hate laundry just f.y.i.)

Now, with me I just try to keep up with laundry is what I should probably only type for myself and what I have been up to. No, seriously I have been really busy working on Monday's in Fort Smith and then getting more and more clientle (or however you spell that dumb word too) in Fayetteville. Everyone is wanting to make appointments for "holiday hair-do's" already. It's crazy to me to even try to make myself think about anything coming up already other than Halloween. Which by the way isn't my favorite. Don't mind the cute kiddos in cute costumes wanting candy. But the nasty scarey ewwie-gooie yucky costumes, are just obsurd. So, I guess that explains how I feel to a "T."

Lots of football, winning and working going on around here. Oh, dont let me forget the laundry since now that I have read back over what I typed, I definetly can't forget the laundry. Anyway, I have some pics of fall decorating and other things we have been doing that I will get posted this week. Or maybe I should just say I'll try. Not like I have much to blog about right now anyway. Until next time...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well, D turned 28 Sunday. We had family meet for a "special" dinner on Saturday night at Ruth's Chris. It was so relaxing and we definetly enjoyed the company. We usually go out on the weekends but not usually a place like this. It was great food and a nice, quiet atmosphere. After dinner I had planned on the rest of our family (his side) to meet us at my house, that I had his mom come and decorate for me and put the cake out that I got from Rick's and the tons of balloons, for cake and presents. I didnt want to make him think it was going to be all of our friends and family, but the last few years we have been so busy with football and moving and getting married, that we haven't really been able to "do" much for his bday. So, he had no idea what to think or expect so it was fun without him knowing anything. Here are some pics from Saturday night.

D's birthday cake (FABULOUS!)

Cheesey "birthday sign" thingy and gifts

(I had to make it cheesey because he totally didnt expect it)So you can laugh


Well, after a busy day Saturday with Hogs game and dinner and party after, Sunday we did it all over again that evening. We had dinner and stuff and his mom's that night. I'll be fine without cake or big meals for awhile now.
Unitil next time...

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I have been TAGGED...

Thanks to Kate you all get to know 7 random facts about me...

1. I hate the dentist. I am deathly afraid. (thought of this one because of Kate's first fact)

2. Dawayne (my husband) & I only dated 10 months before we were engaged & got married 7 1/2 months later.

3. I am very anal about my laundry room. It is so bad that Dawayne hardly ever goes in there to find/start laundry. Kind of scarey he says.

4. I want a new car so incredibly bad & can afford one but, I am scared of a car payment because I have never made one in my life. (I know, weird)

5. I hate the color pink. (for my wardrobe)

6. I am scared of the dark. Like enough that if D isn't home I leave all the lights on even when I go to bed. (except in my room)

7. My favorite part of the "fall" season, is picking pumpkins & decorating. But, most of all, I can hardly wait for the fall season of nightly t.v. shows to come on. I have atleast 2 or 3 that I DVR every night. ADDICTED!

Ok...I tag: Sara, Kari Beth, Aimee & Tracy
(sorry still new to this and dont have many more to choose from that haven't been tagged already)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

GO SAINTS & Surprising Weekend

WOOHOO! We beat the Greenwood Bulldogs! They are usually very, very good but, I guess this year we were definetly better friday night. I had fun at that game because first of all we won, (duh, who doesn't have fun at a game whenever you win?) my parents and my brother & his friend Drew were there (Sara, his girlfriend was sick, sad) and getting to see Kate (another coache's wife) get into the game as much as I did was awesome! Every where else that Dawayne has coached, all of the wives have always been older. Don't get me wrong, I learned some things from them, but they were definetly at the games to just sit and chit chat. So, I guess what I am saying is that it was for sure a breath of fresh air. I posted some pictures of Parker Floyd (Peyton's brother) on here from the game loving all over my family. He cracks me up. (I told yall I would just showcase friends/family kid's pictures on here) I have to say, this cute, fun, easy baby did NOT help my mom at all from telling us that she wants grandkids! (I am not ready) Ha! I can't get enough of Parker and Peyton. I just might love them and wait on having kids for awhile. Same goes for all the other coaches kids! Well, I dont want to take away from Kate's page but I have to put these pictures up of Parker with my brother and then one with my mom because he's too cute. I know he is not mine, but yall he sooo loved my brother and my mom on friday!

Grant & Parker

Mom & Parker

On to the rest of our weekend...
Saturdays have become a "resting" day for Dawayne. Not so much for me because apparently people that need their hair done want it done on Saturdays! Sometimes that gets old. No offense to those of you who come to me, ha! Anyway, we finally had a real date Saturday night. We went and shopped for new shoes for D and I didnt get anything, but sometimes I love to just get him stuff. That used to not be the case. But, I guess I'll try to get used to that now that we're married. So, we went to eat after that and had a nice dinner and went for a drive. Yes, we know that gas is outrageously expensive, but hey, we wanted to look at houses and stuff. Then, Sunday we ended up being home all day and hanging out and I got a lot done which was nice. Especially since Monday's are my big days in Fort Smith all day. Sunday night D got home from football meeting stuff at a decent time and we had the evening together again! To be honest, it was kind of weird. Because I am finally getting used to his schedule and then this weekend with him home was different. Loved every minute of it, dont get me wrong, but still was like, "Really, two nights in a row?" It was great. A good relaxing, productive weekend and now its Tuesday and the week is almost half way over! YEAH! Looking forward to weekends all the time now. Hope you all had a good one too! Until next time...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Here we go!!!

Well, life as we know it has begun. I should probably just say "football" as we know it. Friday night we were in Shreveport, Louisiana, for a football game against Evangel Christian Academy. All I have to say is WOW! Those guys were HUGE. Ok, for high school you would think big was like a college guy playing...Oh no! These guys all looked like college players. All I can say is, it didnt go too well, but we tried to hold our own and pull through and we're just young. I can still say I am definetly a SHILOH SAINTS fan! Go SCS!
For the trip, another coach's wife and I decided to ride together and they have a 2 week old baby. Yall, he was so good. Really, he never cried but maybe when he wanted to eat in the night and that was only twice. I am not ready for all that yet, but it was encouraging to watch her with that brand new baby and it look so easy. It was alot of preparation everywhere we went though. For the trip all around it was fun. Nice to be able to get to know the other wives a little more and watch my husband do what he loves to do. It was also nice to see so many of the players parents there cheering them on. Even though this is the third place we have coached at, it was a bigger group of parents than I am usually used to. That is encouraging. I think today was definetly my recovery day. No excuse for us not to be at church, but apparently I needed sleep. My body is crazy when I dont get enough sleep a few nights in a row. On the way back friday night, well I should probably say early Saturday morning, we got to stay at my Pop & Nana's house in Mena and that was good for them to be able to meet Blaire (the other coaches wife) & the baby and visit with me too. Then we stopped in Fort Smith (hometown to me)for lunch at my parents and to let my mom see that sweet baby Eli. If i had a picture I would showcase him too like I did last week with Peyton. I'll probably make Eli my own one day too when he can run and be silly like my favorite boy Peyton. Well not much more exciting news from this weekend. We are just getting ready for another "fabulous" work week. (sorry for the sarcasim, actually no I'm not, Ha!) Until next time...

Monday, September 1, 2008


I dont really know if I should say "GO HOGS" because they didn't do that great! At all! (I am obviously not a pessimist when it comes to Razorback football. I kinda just call it how I see it)

So, we went to the Razorback game with some friends of ours and had a ton of fun. We didnt miss hardly any games last year & hopefully it will be the same this year. Anyway, we went with our friends Josh & Kate Floyd! Peyton is their little boy who is going to be 3 pretty soon and he keeps me laughing all the time. Especially when he is getting in trouble because he is hilarious when his being bad...kinda funny! (sorry Kate, but he cracks me up) Well the hogs decided they'd pull through for the second half of the game. It was pretty sad to see. During the second half Peyton was getting pretty restless and wanted to go home really bad and was yelling telling all the fans they were "too loud!" So, I decided to be the cool "Conkey" (how he says my name) and make stupid faces with him and he got up on my lap and Kate took some pics. So since we don't have any kids yet, I decided to borrow Peyton and showcase our "funny face" pictures! Well I guess there is only one "fish face" picture so then there are a few to just see how cute he is!




Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Patience is waiting with joy"

...That is the bible verse we are teaching 3 year olds at FBC every other Sunday this semester. Wow, is it true. I really love little kids and these are hilarious. Especially ones that we know personally. Dawayne and I are using this as a lesson and actually praying for patience. We decided to do this because we love little kids and we hadn't found our "place" in a connection group when we said yes to doing this every other sunday. Actually as Dawayne would say "When my wife chose we would do this," oh well, I love it and he does too whether he admits it or not. I am sure we will have more little stories as the fall goes on since we just started last week.

What else has been going on? Let me think....just FOOTBALL. All the time! I love it though, just help me pray that I can get used to my husband being gone again all the time. It is hard ladies, so those of you who are thinking of marrying a coach, get ready! It is totally worth the not seeing them during the fall thing because I love to watch Dawayne do what he loves to do. Someone once told me, that has been married to a coach for 20 or more years, "run for your life," ha, thanks for the advice! I may need it one day down the road. I dont really ever have much to add to my blogs due to not having kids and being busy with work for the two of us. So, just be patient. I will have lots of pictures when football gets up and going in the next week or two. Until next time...(which is usually a while, ha!)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer Football & Life's Lessons

Wow, this weekend was hot and tiring. I really give all the coaches props for being out there almost all day long for two days and having to keep up with all those guys and those schedules. And speaking of major props, my friend Kate, she has 2 boys who are adorable and I love them like their my own and honestly probably try to take charge more than I should, but I really give her major props, probably even more than the coaches because she was out there with both boys, both days and I was with her both times and oh my gosh! She is so busy with them. I was worn out and can't even imagine how she does it! Same goes for another friend Laci. My prayer is that they get rest and know what a blessing they are to me because they teach me so much whether they know it or not and for myself I pray that the Lord gives me strength like He has given those mothers, and most of all patience for when we have a child or two because I thought it was a lot easier and watching them its not!

Well, this weekend was busy and now its back to the traveling schedule on monday for me and D has football all week. Sometimes I wish our life was more interesting so I could be as addicted to my own blog as I am reading others. Is anyone else that way? Sorry that I only blog like once in a blue moon and it's never that great. But, thats all for now.

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

...Just the two of us!

Well, to start off Dawayne and I have ONLY been married for a year and going on four months. Married life is wonderful! Im pretty sure I have no idea what I would do without him. We stay pretty busy with his job and my crazy traveling schedule. We are currently living in Springdale, AR and "D" (thats what all of our family and close friends call him, or big "d") is coaching the defensive line at Shiloh Christian! GO SAINTS~ We love being here and it is so much closer to our family.

We recently moved into our new house back at the end of April and we absolutely love it. It has four bedrooms and I think we could have used something smaller since it is "just the two of us" but, I guess that means we will need to be filling up all the rooms pretty soon. Can you say nursery? .... Soon, oh very soon, we would like to start trying to have a family. I want twins so I can get it all over with in one big bang, but D wants one to start off with. "We are too busy as it is," he says. (...Stay tuned) ha!

I have just started at the new salon I will be working at, actually just this week. I am currently working in Fort Smith (my hometown) one day a week because my clients can't live without me. Oh, actually I think it's me who can't live without them. But, I will also be working at GLAMOROUS SALON, in Fayetteville, during the rest of the week. I think I will definetly enjoy being there and picking up new clients. Come and see me!!

Dawayne and I also decided to make First Baptist Church our new home church. We absolutely love being there and we are trying to get connected in every way possible. So, we are continually praying that God shows us where He wants us to be involved there. OH, but we love it!

Seeing that this is my first blog session, I want to use this as a way to stay connected but yet meet new friends and couples here or anywhere! Maybe it will help continue to build my business, also.

Until next time...