Tuesday, September 23, 2008

GO SAINTS & Surprising Weekend

WOOHOO! We beat the Greenwood Bulldogs! They are usually very, very good but, I guess this year we were definetly better friday night. I had fun at that game because first of all we won, (duh, who doesn't have fun at a game whenever you win?) my parents and my brother & his friend Drew were there (Sara, his girlfriend was sick, sad) and getting to see Kate (another coache's wife) get into the game as much as I did was awesome! Every where else that Dawayne has coached, all of the wives have always been older. Don't get me wrong, I learned some things from them, but they were definetly at the games to just sit and chit chat. So, I guess what I am saying is that it was for sure a breath of fresh air. I posted some pictures of Parker Floyd (Peyton's brother) on here from the game loving all over my family. He cracks me up. (I told yall I would just showcase friends/family kid's pictures on here) I have to say, this cute, fun, easy baby did NOT help my mom at all from telling us that she wants grandkids! (I am not ready) Ha! I can't get enough of Parker and Peyton. I just might love them and wait on having kids for awhile. Same goes for all the other coaches kids! Well, I dont want to take away from Kate's page but I have to put these pictures up of Parker with my brother and then one with my mom because he's too cute. I know he is not mine, but yall he sooo loved my brother and my mom on friday!

Grant & Parker

Mom & Parker

On to the rest of our weekend...
Saturdays have become a "resting" day for Dawayne. Not so much for me because apparently people that need their hair done want it done on Saturdays! Sometimes that gets old. No offense to those of you who come to me, ha! Anyway, we finally had a real date Saturday night. We went and shopped for new shoes for D and I didnt get anything, but sometimes I love to just get him stuff. That used to not be the case. But, I guess I'll try to get used to that now that we're married. So, we went to eat after that and had a nice dinner and went for a drive. Yes, we know that gas is outrageously expensive, but hey, we wanted to look at houses and stuff. Then, Sunday we ended up being home all day and hanging out and I got a lot done which was nice. Especially since Monday's are my big days in Fort Smith all day. Sunday night D got home from football meeting stuff at a decent time and we had the evening together again! To be honest, it was kind of weird. Because I am finally getting used to his schedule and then this weekend with him home was different. Loved every minute of it, dont get me wrong, but still was like, "Really, two nights in a row?" It was great. A good relaxing, productive weekend and now its Tuesday and the week is almost half way over! YEAH! Looking forward to weekends all the time now. Hope you all had a good one too! Until next time...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Here we go!!!

Well, life as we know it has begun. I should probably just say "football" as we know it. Friday night we were in Shreveport, Louisiana, for a football game against Evangel Christian Academy. All I have to say is WOW! Those guys were HUGE. Ok, for high school you would think big was like a college guy playing...Oh no! These guys all looked like college players. All I can say is, it didnt go too well, but we tried to hold our own and pull through and we're just young. I can still say I am definetly a SHILOH SAINTS fan! Go SCS!
For the trip, another coach's wife and I decided to ride together and they have a 2 week old baby. Yall, he was so good. Really, he never cried but maybe when he wanted to eat in the night and that was only twice. I am not ready for all that yet, but it was encouraging to watch her with that brand new baby and it look so easy. It was alot of preparation everywhere we went though. For the trip all around it was fun. Nice to be able to get to know the other wives a little more and watch my husband do what he loves to do. It was also nice to see so many of the players parents there cheering them on. Even though this is the third place we have coached at, it was a bigger group of parents than I am usually used to. That is encouraging. I think today was definetly my recovery day. No excuse for us not to be at church, but apparently I needed sleep. My body is crazy when I dont get enough sleep a few nights in a row. On the way back friday night, well I should probably say early Saturday morning, we got to stay at my Pop & Nana's house in Mena and that was good for them to be able to meet Blaire (the other coaches wife) & the baby and visit with me too. Then we stopped in Fort Smith (hometown to me)for lunch at my parents and to let my mom see that sweet baby Eli. If i had a picture I would showcase him too like I did last week with Peyton. I'll probably make Eli my own one day too when he can run and be silly like my favorite boy Peyton. Well not much more exciting news from this weekend. We are just getting ready for another "fabulous" work week. (sorry for the sarcasim, actually no I'm not, Ha!) Until next time...

Monday, September 1, 2008


I dont really know if I should say "GO HOGS" because they didn't do that great! At all! (I am obviously not a pessimist when it comes to Razorback football. I kinda just call it how I see it)

So, we went to the Razorback game with some friends of ours and had a ton of fun. We didnt miss hardly any games last year & hopefully it will be the same this year. Anyway, we went with our friends Josh & Kate Floyd! Peyton is their little boy who is going to be 3 pretty soon and he keeps me laughing all the time. Especially when he is getting in trouble because he is hilarious when his being bad...kinda funny! (sorry Kate, but he cracks me up) Well the hogs decided they'd pull through for the second half of the game. It was pretty sad to see. During the second half Peyton was getting pretty restless and wanted to go home really bad and was yelling telling all the fans they were "too loud!" So, I decided to be the cool "Conkey" (how he says my name) and make stupid faces with him and he got up on my lap and Kate took some pics. So since we don't have any kids yet, I decided to borrow Peyton and showcase our "funny face" pictures! Well I guess there is only one "fish face" picture so then there are a few to just see how cute he is!