Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tulsa Lost?

So, we decided we'd go and watch the Hogs loose against "Gus's team" (what I call it) Saturday. It was a lot of fun. Go Hogs go! D was alittle torn on who to cheer for, but he still has that razorback red blood running through him, no matter how those dumb hogs play. We tail-gated with some other coache's & wives and for the first time we only had one couple that didn't come. We have only tailgated with the Barnard's once or twice, but this time we all got to hang out and it was fun. Especially with the nice weather. After the game we kinda had a "date-night" and finally went to have a good, good dinner and had time to figure out what we want to do about my stupid car. So, that's another story in itself. But, then we went and shopped a little for D. Isn't that what I type almost every weekend? that we go "shop for D." I mean when can we "shop for me?" Oh, well wait, I just go buy what I want when I want. Well, to an extent. Anyway, we had fun at the game and I guess I should just sum it all up and say we had a great Saturday!

Sunday, was a busy day for D. Just working as usual and then I did laundry. Not even going to go there, due to the previous blog. So, the pics are of Saturday at the game. Love the wives and their fams! Great time and great new friends. Until next time...

Kate, Mckale, me & Laci
(yes, Mckale & Laci are both pregnant)

Ok. So about this pic. Yes, we know we look like twins, heard it before. And no it wasn't planned. We are pretty cute though, ha!