Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl & new friends!

So, I thought I would blog about the ice storm, but everyone else has and of course, once again I didnt have my camera. We were without power for about almost 2 days. We ended up hanging out with friends to help the time pass and that was fun. Especially when they have kids, you always have entertainment.

Now on to the point of this blog.
Tonight we went over to the Floyd's and the Barnard's (with the new baby) and the Linam's came over and we ate and hung out. Ashley and Chad are friends with Josh and Kate but, they all went to SHiloh together years ago and D knew them too! (except Chad) Anyway, it was so nice to hang out and "watch" the game with everyone. Actually all the girls sat in the kitchen and chatted ALL NIGHT long about everything you can imagine. The guys, of course, just sat in the living room and were zoned in on the game. I love to meet new people and my friend Kate just knew Ashley and I would totally hit it off and we definetly did. We have a lot in common and she is mid-way through her pregnancy and is so fun and still full of energy. I am excited to get to know them more and more! SHe has actually been doing some crafting at home while she's not working and kind of in "secret" I have too. So, I think we may all get together and "craft" one night soon! The game was I guess good. I was for sure rooting for the Arizona Cardinals, but they fell behind in the very end. Oh, well. Two new teams in the Super Bowl was better than how it usually is. Had a good night and enjoyed the "girl time." Hope everyone had a good weekend and got their electricity back on. Tomorrow is another week of work and full of basketball games for D at Shiloh. Because of all the weather there are a ton of make-up games this week. Oh well. I dont think I will "feel to well" for all of them, ha! Until next time... (Kate and Ashley, seriously lets plan to get together soon and "craft", I have lots of ideas brewing)


Chad & Ashley said...

You are SO SWEET!!!! I can't wait to see you again! I enjoyed talking and hearing all of the great stories! I can see how you and Kate are so close, you are so much alike! Looking forward to our next gathering! HUGS!

Kari Beth said...

Just happened to click on your blog today! Thanks for adding the Dirty Laundry button! Were y'all at church on Sunday at 10:55? I thought I saw y'all but it was in the middle of the service and I looked for you afterward and never saw you :(....

Anyway, hope things are going good for you guys!!