Thursday, January 22, 2009

The "No Name Baby" is here!

So, I know that seems terrible of me to say, but our friends Tucker & Mckale finally had baby Tate Daniel yesterday morning bright and early. HE is so sweet and he weighed 7lbs 7oz. I didnt take a camera because I am not a "mom" with a camera ready to take pics all the time. I am sure I will be though. The main reason I said the "no name baby" is because basically up until the day he was born, there were a few options for names. Good choice guys! It really seemed to fit him last night when we were there. I wanted to post about the baby because we are so EXCITED for our new friends and this fabulous God given baby of joy. Congrats Barnard's and big brother Carter! (If you want to see a cute picture of Tate, read Kate's blog)
Definetly have the baby fever now...I kinda think D does too! WOOHOO! (much sooner than later I'm thinking, thanks to Tate)!

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