Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy 25th to me !

So, how about I can't believe I am 25. I am officially in my "mid-twenties." REally? are you kidding me right now? Wow, I know some of you will be like? OH, Courtney get over yourself. But, time totally flies by. (I know, completely cliche')

December was very busy. My birthday was the 12th and I was surprised with a new 2009 Honda Accord, black and everything I wanted for my bday from my WONDERFUL, AMAZING husband! He knew it was kind of needed, but definetly not a necessity. Well, here are some pics. They had it all wrapped up in a bow for me at the car place the day I went to pick it up. He definetly tried hard to surprise me, but ya know I had to trade in my other car and sign my name too so, it wasnt a complete surprise...ya know like drive up in the drive way and freak out kind of surprise.
Well, apparently I dont have those on my pc yet, so I will add the car pics later.

The weekend of my bday, was the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP game for Shiloh! They did so well. I am so proud to say that my husband is the Defensive Line coach there. It was an exciting week. Had lots of fun with the wives. We all went to lunch on that friday for my birthday and then a few of us went shopping for a bit. Well, those of us that aren't pregnant. It was alot of fun. I love everyones kids, but dont get me wrong I love some 'ADULT' time with the wives and definetly love the new friendships!

The game was exciting on that saturday. My family came up and after the game we went to eat with everyone at Cozy Mel's. It was good, who doesn't love some mexican?!
Here are a few pics from before&during the game. I will post some cute ones that a friend took of D and I after the game, whenever she gets it together! (ha, luv ya Blaire)

So, after the weekend of the championship game, we were asked by our friends and D's "boss" to go with them on that monday to Little Rock, again, for a banquet that would be honoring Josh (head coach) and one of D's defensive line man. Well, what an adventure it was! That day it was yuck up here so I didnt work in Fort Smith at all but, we took my car and left it in Alma so that when we came back I would be able to go to Fort Smith and do some hair, while they came back to NWA. So, Kate (Josh's wife) and I were so excited because we knew the weather was bad and we would be able to spend one night and eat breakfast and come home without kids. Well, thats not exciting for us but for them it was and it was nice to just hang out with them. So, it took 5 hours to get to Little Rock. The roads were horrible. We might have gone 45 the whole way there and that may be pushing it with the speed. We had to stop 2 times to get the ice off of the windshield wipers so D could see to even drive. Kinda scarey, but we definetly made a memory. To top off the horrible long drive, we missed the dinner part of the banquet and barely saw any awards given out. After we left the banquet that we were at for maybe 20minutes, we went to the hotel and we were all STARVING so we ate dinner, it wasnt that great. Next day attempted to drive home 2 different times and the first time it took 2 1/2 hours and we didnt even move and the second time we went 6 miles in an hour and a half. There were semis turned over and cars wrecked all over the place. It got to be kinda funny because we were so dilerious (however you spell that) from being in the car with eachother for so long. HA! Needless to say we didnt get home until Wednesday afternoon. Here are a few pics we took along the way. Definite memories!!

After all that, we had a great Christmas. I haven't uploaded those pics yet, but be proud because this was a BIG blog for me!

We had a very fun new year with my brother and his girlfriend Sara. We went to dinner with some of D's best highschool friends and their parents joined and then we all went back to the families house and played Wii all night. And when I say all night, I mean all night! I thought I was still "young enough" to stay up later than like midnight or 1. Pretty sure I was wrong. I could of slept for like 2 weeks after that night. I had no idea how fun Rock Band and all the games on the Wii could be.

January is here and IT'S FREEZING. I don't mind cold weather, but my skin is way too dry. Hope everyone enjoys the blog because it will probably be awhile until I post again. Well, obviously since I haven't since the beginning of December. Have a great weekend and rest of January! until next time...


Josh and Kate said...

Yeah for an update! Thanks for going to the movies with us last night. We had fun.

Kari Beth said...

happy LATE birthday! exciting news on the car front! sounds sexy!

and i read your "baby" post as well...and sister we have the baby bug too! its bad!